People in FEAR or ANGER do STRANGE and typically Unexplainable Things

If you look at the latest batch of Tweets published by the POTUS on March 3, 2017, you can say he could be acting a bit “reactive.”

I’m interested to see where this leads. It seems less than rational from a traditional & typical perspective.

Sure Trump is in one of the most powerful position in the world, with access to all sorts of views and information. Either that is causing Trump to flip out a bit, or rather the pressure is much more than he is accustomed to.

…there, I said it.

JH JW Player Test

A solar flare intended to be published years ago. Still impressive and thus posting it now at the end of 2013.

Solid State Logic C100 Testimonial Posted on YouTube

We posted a new video from Solid State Logic on today. This particular video includes testimonials from three C100 users who are interested in sharing their experience with the console.

This particular copy of the video was transcoded to MPEG4 at 320×240. The source was NTSC 720×480 MPEG2 video. With original uncompressed audio encoded directly to mp3 audio from 16 bit wave.

To keep the image quality as pure as possible this video was extracted from DVD and transcoded directly to a compatible format. DirectMPEG4 encoding avoids any additional generation loss. One less generation loss keeps the image quality and reduces artifacts. We transcode video directly to keep artifacts at a minimum. Less direct conversion techniques makes more artifacts because re-encoding video and audio is more lossy.

This is an example of quality encoding from less than an ideal source.

Paul Yurt
BTG Inc.
Broadband Technologies Group

Keyboard Shortcuts broken in Firefox 2

In Firefox2 my shortcut keys stopped working. This fact is very frustrating because I make and use keyboard shortcuts for navigating and jumping quickly with “double key-press” such as “alt+m” = messages “alt+h” = “home” “alt+s” = sales “alt+r” = refresh etc.


It is easy very easy and simple to make these shortcuts when developing web pages because HTML supports shortcuts through the “accesskey=” directive for links and other interface elements.

The way “accesskey=” is done for links is to create the link using the standard opening and then add the


within the element’s definition. So the definition of a link becomes <a~accesskey=”o” href=”linkname”>

In searching for a solution to my suddenly broken keyboard shortcuts mystery, my no longer functioning accesskeys. I noticed there were new features in Firefox2 (FF2) and Internet Explorer7 (IE7) for accessing the respective browser’s menu items. Suddenly the realization hit me, Oh duh – that’s it!, the accesskeys in these version of these browsers are now accessing the browser menus. What should be parsed to access page features is now parsed by the browser for internal browser use, rather than being passed to the webpage for website user access.

I understand the browser developers wanting to make life good for the browser feature access but what about us website developers and users? We do not want Firefox nor Internet Explorer to get in our way when we are browsing.
I want my browser to be as invisible as possible and I wish to have my browsing keyboard take me to my shortcuts immediately without a fight. In fact I typically make my browser”hidden” by going full screen and I do not want to see menus or anything when browsing.
The way accesskeys works is explained by

<a accesskey="x" accesskey = character [CN]

Which states ‘Pressing an accesskey assigned to an element gives focus to the element. The action that occurs when an element receives focus depends on the element. For example, when a user activates a link defined by the A element, the user agent generally follows the link. When a user activates a radio button, the user agent changes the value of the radio button. When the user activates a text field, it allows input, etc.’

The accesskey attribute works with: A, AREA, BUTTON, INPUT, LABEL, LEDGEND and TEXTAREA elements.

So what is the solution, the work around? I could not find a solution or fix documented anywhere. I tried some alternatives keypress keyboard sequences to access my accesskeys. In trying different things I learned that Firefox2 “accesskeys” can be accessed by pressing a “modifier” such as






on an Apple Mac.

With the modifier key press I found that my individual accesskey= can be accessed by pressing the ctrl+alt+m ctrl+alt+h atrl+alt+s etc/ So the “accesskey + modifier + letter” or alt+control+[CH]. So that


is accessed by


when previously


did the job.

While this is not big deal it is frustrating and starts to break some of my windows modifiers such as ctl+alt+p for “print” and ctl+alt+m for “outlook email” etc.

It amazed me that I did not find this suggestion on any website anywhere.

Mastermoz Listings of Interest

The is 3! Months that is…MasterMOZ has reached three months of age and we have a wonderful growing community of member and listings.

I am learning many interesting things from the sites submitted by our members. What is interesting is what some members are putting up on their sites. I continue to be impressed at the quality and depth of information I am finding. I have come across great tidbits published on these often smaller websites.

In fact many of the site are developed by individuals who are using the websites to self publish. Often these websites are dedicated to someone’s personal life interests. W hat I notice is that these members have chosen to take the time to publish something they felt strongly enough about so the were willing to take the time and energy to build a website and put up the content.

Not all the information is well written or detailed but there certainly is enough here to make a trend.


My Insurance Answers

Insurance advice, descriptions of insurance coverages, tips for saving money on homeowners and auto insurance

Site Summary: The website is chocked full of helpful information. Details are well written, clear, and to the point. It seems that most of what is here is written by a long time insurance industry veteran. Using you can find yourself better equipped to navigate and save money in the insurance maze.

Childrens Book Reviews – The Reading Tub Reviews
Reviews for children’s books (0 to 13), complete with the kids’ opinions (as well as their parents). Also offer information about literacy and helping kids learn to read.

Summary: website is a rich and full site containing details about books, and the people who write books. There is also information of interest to children and people who care about children reading.

Business Plan Master
Create stunning and successful business plans. Templates for dozens of business models. Techniques for women and minorities to raise financing. Focus on SBA loans, venture capital and angel investors. Top resources and tools for beginners, as well as advanced business plan writers. Access to hundreds of free business plans.

Summary: A great site which starts out with some great quotes and descriptions of important aspects of funding and growing a new business. The website includes many great links to startup related businesses like the Small Business Administration, as well as other key sources of business information and development resources.

Sustainable Existence

Wind Converters Tapping Into the Free energyAfter trying to get it on the internet I ended up watching Live Earth on a few networks tonight. I was a decent quality HD feed on NBCHD and Universal HD. While Universal basically focused on a few bands and did not get into the environment to any degree or detail, I credit NBC for doing a lot to spread the message of how we can all make a little difference to help bring more balance and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Cleaner Power … Something We Earthlings Need More Of
Al Gore did a great job of spreading concepts we all need to hear. He explained his long term goal for the planet of reducing emissions.

I am very glad Mr. Vice President put this together. I hope and pray that people will hear this message and start to change some of the less balanced habits they have.

There were many simple changes suggested such as switching from incandescent to compact florescent light bulbs, something I did 10+years ago. Riding mass transit, something I try to do as much as practial, reducing your ac or heating demands, selecting more energy efficient vechicles, reusing bags at the grocery store or better yet using cloth bags.

Many of these actions make common sense. I was glad to see them promoted by NBC who did a great job of promoting the message. Kudos NBC, and well done. I am curious to see if people start to get invluenced, and start to act in these small ways to help bring change forward.

Buring Fat while Transporting

Delayed Air Travel – Who’s Not Talking?

FAA Logo

In the past few weeks thousands of travelers have experienced tremendous delays, setbacks and other troubles traveling via air.

For one traveler it started with six hours on the tarmac. That trip ended okay, if you compare it to this week, when the six hours of delay resulted in canceled flights, and then other follow on flights also being canceled. This trickled down to the following days where more delays and canceled flights occured. Where does this problem start? What can be done to end it? What is going on?

A complex web of interrelated issues is causing trickle-down delays and cancelations. It is difficult to get to the truth on the issues behind the problems. Truth be told, there are multifold reasons for these air travel delays. The media doesn’t cover the extent of the delays and the travels are captive to the process.

Here is my educated inference to how the trickle down delay process unfolds. If there is bad weather, for example, somewhere along the Eastern coastline, all flights in and out of the region are delayed by the FAA for safety reasons.

To protect people the FAA holds back flying through areas with troubled weather. In addition, the current algorythm employed by the FAA, does not release flights until they are clear to land on the receiving end. So the corridors start to back up. This is the first stage of the cause of the trickle down delays. Keep in mind the FAA likely does not have a way to reroute an entire corridor or even a large number of flights around a large stormy area.

The flight corridors are protected space ensuring noise control is maintained over select towns and areas on the ground.

The next factor in this house of cards are the number of hours a crew can work, without time to rest. The number of continuous hours a pilots and flight attendents can work are set by various factors including government mandates for safety and union rules for unionized workers. The rules for of employment are there to protect travelers from tired pilots and workers from abuse in the form of excessive on time, without rest.

When flights are delayed the hours worked are still ticking. If the workers hours go too far over , then the crew must rest for 8 hours or be replaced. I believe the pilots cannot choose to travel, if they go over, but the flight attenends can. Neither are paid for downtime while they are away from home.

Given the scenario, where a large number of flights have been delayed, for a given corridor, for a number of hour, say 5 or 6; then the overtime & cannot fly rules come into play. So the piliots go over, they must rest before they can resume, whether they want to or not.

The next effect in the trickle chain are the number of reserve crews, and thier locations. Airlines are not that profitable these days, especially the ones who have unionized workers. The airlines must operate in a manor which will allow them to remain profitable. One way is to keep a minimum number of extra aircraft and crew and not to cache them or keep them located in too many places.

So once a crew is “disabled” due to overtime rules because of the flight delays, the airline must come up with a new crew. Not just any crew but a crew which works for the specific airline. The phone calls are made, the crew gets its travel started and they head for the troubled areas. The problem is, all flights to those areas are delayed.

Airlines have “crews on demand” but to remain profitable, these crews are mostly in regions where the airline has a strong presence. For the most part, the airlines do not have caches of crew distributed around the country. So when a crew, or typically a number of crews are “disabled” and resting, they will not be flying for whatever is their down time, the time to rest, even if they are willing to work.

I am sure the larger airlines are more likely to find a crew for flights from around the country. The smaller and more regional airlines are likely to need to fly in a crew from somewhere far away if they are western based.

So back to the FAA delays for the corridor for 4 or 5 hours. The crew becomes “disabled,” and a new crew must be flown in. The new crew is delayed to arrive due to the backlog of flights caused by the delays on the Eastern side of the country. It’s a large looping process or a trickle effect. The delays cause other delays. It starts with the FAA, then the process where the crews are unable to continue working, then the delay in getting new crews to an area.

How can this be resolved? The first question is: Who knows this is a problem? Who is to blame? Who needs to adjust? How well do they know the problem. What part of the control force are they?

There is finger pointing going on. FAA computers are often blamed, but is it really their fault? Will updating the routing algos take care of the problem? It would help but I am not sure it will solve the problem.

The first thing these computers need to do is reroute aircraft through alternate corridors and paths. It’s likely the old FAA systems do not have the flexiblility to do complex rerouting or optimizations.

So the need for new software and solutions exits.



The Master MOZ is a web directory, designed to help websites gain control of their web presence.

One of the largest problems on the web is presence. In web terms, the word presence refers to placement. Without presence, you are nowhere. How do you get present? You need to make your site known, for it to have presence.

A listing in the MasterMOZ directory can help any site gain presence.  Lising are posted immedialty, reviewers keep the site clean and accurate. Checkout MasterMOZ at

Mastermoz is a social networking webdirectory currently in beta.

Trashed America

Clean it upCleaning up America. We have cleaned out most of the manufacturing. We have cleaned out most impediments to distrubing the environment. There are daily living issue. We still drive more cars and miles per person than ever before and we try alteratives with great reluctance. What is going on with the fine country of ours? It seems that basic human nature desires convenience over cost.

There are alternatives for enrgy but unless more get willing to bring them forward I am not sure we won’t see the alternative come to us from China or somewhere else.


This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.