Sustainable Existence

Wind Converters Tapping Into the Free energyAfter trying to get it on the internet I ended up watching Live Earth on a few networks tonight. I was a decent quality HD feed on NBCHD and Universal HD. While Universal basically focused on a few bands and did not get into the environment to any degree or detail, I credit NBC for doing a lot to spread the message of how we can all make a little difference to help bring more balance and help reduce our carbon footprint.

Cleaner Power … Something We Earthlings Need More Of
Al Gore did a great job of spreading concepts we all need to hear. He explained his long term goal for the planet of reducing emissions.

I am very glad Mr. Vice President put this together. I hope and pray that people will hear this message and start to change some of the less balanced habits they have.

There were many simple changes suggested such as switching from incandescent to compact florescent light bulbs, something I did 10+years ago. Riding mass transit, something I try to do as much as practial, reducing your ac or heating demands, selecting more energy efficient vechicles, reusing bags at the grocery store or better yet using cloth bags.

Many of these actions make common sense. I was glad to see them promoted by NBC who did a great job of promoting the message. Kudos NBC, and well done. I am curious to see if people start to get invluenced, and start to act in these small ways to help bring change forward.

Buring Fat while Transporting

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