Solid State Logic C100 Testimonial Posted on YouTube

We posted a new video from Solid State Logic on today. This particular video includes testimonials from three C100 users who are interested in sharing their experience with the console.

This particular copy of the video was transcoded to MPEG4 at 320×240. The source was NTSC 720×480 MPEG2 video. With original uncompressed audio encoded directly to mp3 audio from 16 bit wave.

To keep the image quality as pure as possible this video was extracted from DVD and transcoded directly to a compatible format. DirectMPEG4 encoding avoids any additional generation loss. One less generation loss keeps the image quality and reduces artifacts. We transcode video directly to keep artifacts at a minimum. Less direct conversion techniques makes more artifacts because re-encoding video and audio is more lossy.

This is an example of quality encoding from less than an ideal source.

Paul Yurt
BTG Inc.
Broadband Technologies Group